Silvery Checkerspot – Chlosyne nycteis

I found numerous small caterpillars on some small sunflower plants that were growing along a path through our woods.   Most of the caterpillars were on top of the leaves.



I brought them home and fed them more sunflower leaves.  The caterpillars had some color variation – I don’t know if it was individual variations, or differences in instars.


After about a week, they began to make chrysalises.  There were two color variations in the chrysalises.  I wonder if it was because of the different materials they were formed on.

This one was formed on the underside of a sunflower leaf.


This one formed on the screening at the top of the cage.


The butterflies hatched about a week later.

Here’s one with its old chrysalis in the background.


And one that’s ready to fly


Marcie O’Connor

Buffalo County, Wisconsin