Life Cycles by Stephen Luk

Aaroniella badonneli - Loving Barklice (eggs, last-instar nymph, adults)

Androchirus erythropus - Comb-clawed Beetle

Apamea sordens - Rustic Shoulder-knot Moth

Carpophilus melanopterus larva adult

Ceracis thoracicornis

Chaoborus sp. - Phantom Midge

Chironominae - Midge

Chrysomela aeneicollis - Leaf Beetle larvae larva & pupa adult

Chrysopa oculata - Green Lacewing


Culex restuans - Mosquito larvae & pupa emergence of adult

Dendroides canadensis

Diprion similis - Introduced Pine Sawfly

Dixella sp.

Dorcatoma pallicornis

Elophila obliteralis - Waterlily Leafcutter Moth

Eurosta solidaginis - Goldenrod Gall Fly

Fitchia aptera - Assassin Bug

Lucidota atra - Black Firefly

Megamelus davisi - Delphacid Planthoppers (two late instars and adult)

Neoneides muticus egg & larva adult

Ochlerotatus japonicus larva emergence of adult

Phenolia grossa - Sap Beetle larva adult

Pyrrharctia isabella - Isabella Tiger Moth  (Wooly Bear Caterpillar)  larva larva cocoon adult adult

Simyra insularis - Cattail Caterpillar Moth

Siphoninus phillyreae - Ash Whitefly

Thymalus marginicollis

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