Spilosoma virginica – Virginian Tiger Moth

7/28/2012  I found some unknown eggs on Lamb’s Quarters (Chemopodium)


7/31/2012  The eggs hatched.


8/9/2012  2nd or 3rd instar


8/14/2012  late instar


8/17/2012  I gave the caterpillars the host plant, dry leaves, and soil for choices since I didn’t know what they needed for pupating.


8/21/2012  Here’s the cocoon in the plastic container.  Actually it is two cocoons, because the second caterpillar made its cocoon right on top of the first cocoon.  I was afraid to take the lid off the container for fear of damaging the pupae.


8/29/2012  After a few days, when both cats had cocooned, and I was sure that they had made pupas, I took the lid off.  I was getting worried that it was going to get moldy in the container…….this is the cocoon from the top.


9/3/2012  Spilosoma virginica – Virginian Tiger Moth




Betsy Higgins
Western Massachusetts

edited by Marcie O’Connor