Disclisioprocta stellata – Somber Carpet Moth

Caterpillars were found on Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) on 9/16/2012 and were kept in a 1 gallon plastic container with holes drilled in the top. I added 1 inch of potting soil and fresh Pokeweed leaves. This container was kept in my office which has a constant temperature of around 70 degrees.



9/19/2012  The first one pupated


9/28/2012  The adult moth emerged – a relatively small specimen


9/20/2012  This pic was taken on 9/20 and even though the caterpillar was collected at the same time and was the same size as the one that went the full cycle, it kept growing. It disappeared on 9/21 so I’m guessing it made a pupa under the soil.


9/29/12  The second adult emerged today – it is more of a normal size for this species.


And one more set…







Ken Childs
West Tennessee

Edited by Marcie O’Connor