Acronicta oblinita – Smeared Dagger Moth

On 10/16/2012, this caterpillar was found on my moth sheet.  It was fed with several species of Smartweed (Polygonum spp.).


On 11/3/2012  it wrapped itself up in leaves and pupated.


11/27/2012   The adult eclosed much earlier than expected.  I kept the pupa in a cold part of my basement but obviously it wasn’t cold enough to keep it from eclosing early.  Since I wasn’t expecting to see the adult until next spring, I wasn’t paying close attention so I’m not sure when the adult showed up but by the worn look of it, it was at least a day or 2 before I found it on 11/27.


Ken Childs
Henderson, Tennessee

Edited by Marcie O’Connor