Urbanus proteus – Long-tailed Skipper

These are some Long-tailed Skipper eggs on Hyacinth Bean Vine.


The caterpillars I raised came from eggs that were laid on the leaves of an heirloom plant in my garden called Royal Burgundy Bush Beans.

After the caterpillars hatched, I collected 3 of them, along with some fresh foliage.  I put the foliage in water, and placed them in a mesh enclosure that I purchased from my local native plant nursery.

Soon the caterpillars pupated and made very interesting chrysalises.  They were covered with a whitish powder-like substance, and were enclosed in woven, silk-like “cages”.  I wondered how the adults would get out of them, but they all emerged as beautiful adults and were released.



Chrysalis close-up



Janeen Engleman Langley
Tallahassee, Florida
edited by Marcie O’Connor