Orthoptera – Grasshoppers, Crickets & Katydids

All these links have now been moved to the species pages on Bugguide.

Family Acrididae - Short-horned Grasshoppers

Chortophaga viridifasciata - Northern Green-striped Grasshopper

Melanoplus walshii - Walsh's Short-wing Grasshopper

Family Gryllidae - True Crickets

Acheta domesticus - House Cricket

Neoxabea bipunctata - Two-spotted Tree Cricket

Oecanthus californicus californicus - Western Tree Cricket (brown form)

Oecanthus forbesi - Forbes' Tree Cricketmale female

Oecanthus nigricornis - Black-horned Tree Cricket

Oecanthus niveus - Narrow-winged Tree Cricket

Oecanthus alexanderi- Alexander's Tree Cricket

Oecanthus varicornis - Different-horned Tree Cricket

Family Tettigoniidae - Katydids

Metrioptera roeselii - Roesel's Katydid

Microcentrum sp. - Angle-wing Katydid

Scudderia fasciata - Tree-top Bush Katydid


* Life cycle information is now on the BugGuide 'Info' page for this species.

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