Diptera – Flies

Family Agromyzidae - Leaf Miner Flies

Liriomyza langei

Phytomyza anemonivora - Anemone Leaf Miner Fly

Phytomyza aquilegivora

Family Calliphoridae - Blow Flies

Lucilia sericata - Common Green Bottle Fly

Family Cecidomyiidae - Gall Midges

Asphondylia solidaginismore small galls

Asphondylia helianthiglobulus pupae in gall dried gall adult adult pupal case

Asteromyia carbonifera galls pupae & adults

Cecidomyia sp.

Dasineura carbonaria

Neolasioptera allioniae - Gall Midge

Neolasioptera cornicola

Neolasioptera impatientifolia - Jewel Weed Gall Midge  third instar

Neolasioptera perfoliata - Gall Midge

Rhopalomyia anthophila (more information)

Rhopalomyia grossulariae - Gooseberry Gall Midge

Rhopalomyia pedicellata

Rhopalomyia solidaginis - Goldenrod Bunch Gall   male female

Vitisiella brevicauda - Grape Midge Gall

Family Chaoboridae - Phantom Midges

Chaoborus sp. - Phantom Midge

Family Chironomidae - Midges

Chironominae - Midge

Chironomidae - Midge

Family Chloropidae - Frit Flies

Pseudogaurax sp. - Parasitic Chloropid Fly

Pseudogaurax sp. - Parasitic Chloropid Fly

Family Culicidae - Mosquitoes

Anopheles punctipennis - Mosquito

Culex restuans (larva and pupa) - Mosquito (Emergence of adult)

Ochlerotatus japonicus (larva) (Emergence of adult)

Family Dixidae

Dixella sp.

Family Lonchaeidae - Lance Flies

Lonchaeidae - Lance Fly

Family Phoridae - Scuttle Flies

Phalacrotophora epeirae

Family Psychodidae - Moth Flies and Sand Flies

Clogmia albipunctata - Filter Fly

Family Rhagionidae - Snipe Flies

Chrysoplius thoracicus - Golden-backed Snipe Fly

Family Sciaridae - Dark-winged Fungus Gnats

Sciaridae - Dark-winged Fungus Gnats

Family Syrphidae - Syrphid Flies

Eupeodes sp.

Eupeodes americanus - American Hover Fly

Microdon sp.

Pseudodoros clavatus - Syrphid Fly

Syrphini - Syrphid Fly

Syrphini - Syrphid Fly

Syrphus sp. - Syrphid Fly

Toxomerus geminatus

Family Tachinidae - Tachinid Flies

Archytas apicifer

Tachinidae - Tachinid Flies

Tachinidae - Tachinid Fly



Trichopoda pennipes - Tachinid Fly

Family Tephritidae - Fruit Flies

Eurosta solidaginis - Goldenrod Gall Fly

Eurosta solidaginis - Goldenrod Gall Fly

Family Tipulidae - Crane Flies

Tipulidae - Crane Fly

Family Xylophagidae

Xylophagus sp.

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