Pholisora catullus – Common Sootywing

6/8/2012 – Common Sootywing egg on Lamb’s Quarters (Chenopodium)


7/17/2012 – The typical leaf shelter of an early instar caterpillar


7/17/12  Eggs and a leaf shelter on Lamb’s Quarters


7/17/2012 – 1st instar caterpillar


7/17/2012  Typical shelter of a later instar caterpillar


8/1/2012  Caterpillar ready to pupate,  spinning a shelter for the pupa


8/5/2012 – I opened up  the spun shelter to see the pupa


8/9/2012 – Just emerged




ready to go!


Betsy Higgins
Western Massachusetts

edited by Marcie O’Connor