White-Lined Sphinx Moth – Hyles lineata

I found a White Lined Sphinx caterpillar in a dry sand prairie in Pierce County, Wisconsin, in August 2007.

Hyles lineata caterpillar

Hyles lineata
Hyles lineata caterpillar

It was eating Wild Four-O’Clock – Mirabilis nyctaginea.  David Wagner says that the caterpillars are “exceptionally variable” in patterning.  This one is certainly very different from MJ’s White-lined Sphinx caterpillar.

I took the caterpillar home, and it pupated almost immediately.

Hyles lineata pupa

About 10 days later, it hatched into an adult moth.

Hyles lineata adult
Hyles lineata adult
Hyles lineata adult

Marcie O’Connor

Buffalo County, Wisconsin